Who We Are : Message from Our President

A Message from Our President

We would first like to thank you all for your continuous support.
Established in December 2010, the International Development Center of Japan Incorporated (IDCJ Inc.) offers consulting services in the fields of international cooperation and economic and social development. This is made possible through our strengths in research and training and rich experiences that we have gained from our parent organization, the International Development Center of Japan.
The International Development Center of Japan was established in February 1971 and since then had undertaken a large number of research projects and training programs with support from a wide range of stakeholders inside and outside of the country. We, IDCJ Inc., have inherited the achievements of IDCJ since January 2011 and have been committed to further expand its achievements, fully recognizing that our task is to contribute to finding a solution to ever-expanding and complicated development issues in a globalized society. With this in mind, we expand our business areas, strengthen our specialty and broaden our network.
At IDCJ Inc., with “Think World Think Tomorrow” as our motto, we challenge ourselves to new issues that the world confronts, for example the graying society and food security issues.
We request your increasing guidance and support for our work at IDCJ Inc.

Yukihiro Terada